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Various Classifications And Uses Of Spotlights

Various classifications and uses of spotlightses

1. Under the lights. Can be installed on the ceiling, above the bed, inside the cabinet, can also be hanging, landing, vacant, divided into two types of Tibetan and semi-Tibetan. The characteristic of the downlight is that the light source makes local illumination and free scattering from top to bottom, and the light source is closed


In the lampshade, there are tube type downlights, sleeve type downlights, pot-type downlights, recessed slot downlights and downlights, etc., which can be mounted on porches, living rooms, and bedrooms, respectively. For example, a green porcelain under-wall lamp is placed near the television, which can clearly visualize and not affect TV watching. A sleeve-type downlight is set above the sculptural shape to guide people's attention to the artwork for easy viewing. Select the downlight, wattage should not be too large, only to illuminate it, can not dazzling glare. 2. Rail spotlights. Most of them are made of metal spraying or ceramic materials, and are available in white, beige, light gray, gold, silver, black and other colors; the shapes are long and round, and the sizes are different. The light beam projected by the spotlight can be concentrated in a picture, a sculpture, a potted flower, a fine decoration, etc., or it can be used as the light and shadow effect of a variety of colorful and exotic charms, according to the back of the chair where the house owner is sitting. Can be used in the living room, porch or bedroom, study. One or more lights can be set up, and the appearance and color of the spotlight can be harmonized with the overall design of the room as much as possible. The rails are mounted 15 to 30 centimeters below the ceiling and can also be mounted on the corner of the ceiling against the wall. The

 Rail spotlights

[1] 3. Cold light spotlights Cold light spotlights feature: a) Cold light, will not produce heat radiation on the items being photographed, to ensure that goods are not hot damage. b) Anti-glare light, lamp lighting projection angle accurate, will not produce light pollution. c) High luminous efficiency, energy saving and power saving. d) Long service life. If there is no light within one year of normal use, the new lamp can be replaced for free. e) No flicker, no eye fatigue. f) Good color rendering, able to show the fine craftsmanship and true color of the goods. g) exquisite style, low voltage power supply, safety and environmental protection.