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Why is the best choice for modern home lighting LED lights?

In China, the families the use of lighting, in a way people home life reflected. Like, in Shang century 70, and 80 generation, China productivity level General low, people for lighting of needs only limited to can brings light, and cheap affordable, so incandescent is each family most important of lighting tool; to has new century early, people material conditions of to improved, in home lighting Shang proposed has high of requirements, hope can improve brightness, and light stable, also proposed can energy-saving province electric of needs, so energy-saving lamp will quickly occupation market; to has now, people material needs get great meet, Also has ahigher demand for home lighting, people want to be able to create a more comfortable, warm indoor lighting environment, to put forward practical and decorative lighting tools take into account requirements in light of these needs, LED lamps and energy-saving, environmental protection, durable, compact, intelligent and otheradvantages, will become the best choice for modern home lighting.

LED lamp integrated use of lower cost. In recent years, with the maturing of LED production chain, LED the price is decreasing, has returned to the consumer within acceptable limits. From looking at the life, the average service life of incandescent about 800 hours, ordinary energy-saving lamp average life of approximately 8,000hours, and LED energy-saving lamp average life is 30,000 hours.

Home lighting as an important part of modern family life, different lighting environment is to a large extent, set off the whole family home atmosphere. Home decoration design, lighting can be said to be a more flexible and interesting design elements, can be a catalyst for atmosphere, is the focus of a room and the theme, willalso strengthen the existing decoration layers. As families paying more attention to home lighting environment, demand for lighting is higher and more, which makes LED lighting advantages is more and more important. Furthermore, the light canplay a unique and functional in the atmosphere, creating a different mood.

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