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what is the IES for led light bulb

Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, founded in 1906, is a technical society devoted to disseminating knowledge, developing lighting technology, science and practice to consumers, manufacturers and the general community by investigating, evaluating and using education, literature and scientific tools . Learn from standardization by more than 80 technical committees and sub-technical committee. The technical committees work on the development of research and standards for various lighting equipment, investigate lighting issues in various fields and report to the directors. For example, airports and airplanes, farms, factories, research institutes, offices, public transport, residential, schools, service offices, streets and highways, theaters and television stations. Other topics include lighting, lighting and air conditioning.

The IES file is the electronic format of the light source (fixture) light distribution curve file, because it has the extension "* .ies", so we usually call it an IES file.

The meaning of IES files is custom-made by the North American Lighting Association and is now the default file format for storing spatial light intensity distribution in many regions.

IES If you look at the thumbnail, you see is its meridian light distribution curve, which is polar plot,

However, if you open it as an ASCII text file (usually a notepad with the extension "* .txt"), there is a fixed format for recording certain information.

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