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what is a good quality led spotlights

                            LED SPOTLIGHTS

In general, high-quality LED spotlights should satisfied with the characteristics of good light quality, reasonable lighting structure, excellent optical design, and reliable and high-quality drive power.  

  The first one good light quality that must be reach the general requirements: color temperature is suitable between 2700K-3500k; CRI is higher than 85Ra; R9 value is higher than 20; color tolerance is within 3Step.

The second one that reasonable lighting structure that require an optical design of the internal reflective structure, with an anti-glare ring to ensure that the emitted light is not glare, and is equipped with special processing optical reflectors to meet the interception angle of more than 30 ° and less than 45 °, to achieve out of the wall light can not get the lighting result . At the same time, the fixture is required to have the function of adjustable angle to achieve 0-30° longitudinally adjustable swing angle and full horizontal angle adjustment.

The third one that Excellent optical design requires LED spotlights to have relatively accurate beam angles, beautiful spots, and natural halos. In commercial home lighting, the beam angle is one of the effective ways to build a sense of light layering. In general, the beam angles of LED spotlights are classified into narrow, medium, narrow, medium, and medium wide and wide types. Good spotlight requirements for LED spotlights include: avoidance of similar tire prints at the edge of the spot; no yellow spots at the center or edge; the light type should be regular and beautiful; and the center-to-spot repulsion at the edge of the spot must naturally transition.

The fourth one that reliable and high-quality drive power that require a low THD and high power factor design for the power supply .This will minimize the interference to the equipment line, so as to ensure the stability of the power supply and no strobe flash. At the same time, it is required to adapt the dimming system.

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