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MR16 LED LIGHT BULB for USA market

Hot selling cob spotlight MR16 LED LIGHT BULB for USA market

MR16 LED Light Bulbs are compatible with most fixtures including 4" and 3" trims but should not be used in totally enclosed fixtures.

Shenzhen Kingliming 12V/MR16 LED Light Bulbs are Fully Dimmable and use LED COB Technology that with only a 7W power consumption generates a super-bright, clear light with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of >80; an absolutely superb light performance that you will not find in any other LED Bulb. 

  led mr16 120v.jpg

This MR16 LED Bulb Series is made out of polished aluminum with a clear poly-carbonate lens.

Beam angle is 40 degrees and available CCT (Color Temperatures) are: 2,700K (Ultra Warm White); 3,000 K (Warm White); 4,000 K (Neutral White) and 5,500 K (Cool White).

This MR16 LED 12V bulb is a direct replacement for a traditional 50W halogen bulb.

12V MR16 LED light bulb works in most traditional fixtures that use a magnetic transformer. 

Very powerful. The light is clear and uniform, no yellow spots (on the 3000K model) as seen with other bulbs. The brightness is truly comparable to a 50W halogen bulb only at 6W power usage... also the dimming worked well. Recommend this product.

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