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LED downlight what characteristics?

Advantages of LED lamp is to design more beautiful and light, installation can maintain the architectural integration with the perfect light hidden architectural interiorlight is not exposed, no glare, people visually soft and uniform. It is the new LED lighting products developed on the basis of traditional downlight, compared with the traditional tube lights with energy-saving, low-carbon, long life, good color rendering, fast response and so on.

1, Energy saving: 1/10 white LED energy consumption only for incandescent lamps,energy saving lamps 2/5 and longevity: LED the theoretical life of over 100,000 hours of normal household lighting "once and for all."

2, Can work at high speed: energy saving lamp if you frequently start or shut off the filament will be blackened very quickly damaged.

3, Solid package belongs to the cold light source type. So it's very easy to transport and install, devices which can be installed in any small and closed, not afraid ofvibration, the main consideration is heat dissipation.

4, LED lighting technology is rapidly changing in progress, its luminous efficiency isamazing breakthrough, the price has been reduced. A white-light LED lighting intothe home is rapidly coming of age.

5, Environmental protection: no mercury (Hg) and other environmentally harmful substances, does not cause damage to the environment. LED lamp Assembly partscan be very easy to disassemble without the manufacturers recycling can be reclaimed by others. LED not including infrared, ultraviolet, not worms.

6, Fast response speed: fast LED response, completely eliminating the traditional length-high pressure sodium lamps the boot process.

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