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How to choose the right LED downlight

Now, LED tube lights are widely used, manufacturers more and more, more spacefor nature to consumer choice, so our consumers how to buy good LED downlightbecame a new topic. How to buy LED tube lamp?

A heatsink, lamps

Thermal determines the whole light failure and service life of the lamp. Poor heat dissipation channel, thermal resistance, coupled with heat sink too small will causeheat build-up in the light source inside. Lamp beads working in ultra high temperature for a long time, light fades quickly, have a short life.

Second, lamp driver

Driver determines the quality of the whole lamp life. Led a 50,000-hour should beno problem in theory, but if the power supply is broken, all lights will light up. Power supply used in electronic components and circuit design decided to drive power efficiency, ripple, power factor, stability, temperature rise and long service life.

Third, the quality of LED lamps

Buying LED tube lights in addition to the material, as well as driving power, the emphasis given to the LED lamp quality and bulb quality lamp lighting effects, packaging, cooling, and other key factors influencing led quality.

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