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ES IC rated recessed dimmable LED down light ETL

ES IC rated recessed dimmable LED down light etl

In canada and usa most residential buildings are of wooden construction, and have insulation materials on top of (inside) the ceiling.  installing down lights, pot lights, and the panel lights into the ceiling (recessed) without housings could make these recessed lights in direct contact with such insulation materials, which is fire hazards and as such, they need to be rated (IC = Insulation Contact, and RATED means ok for insulation contact with the lighting installed).  otherwise the canadian inspection will NOT allow us to install on buildings with ceiling insulation.

ES ETL IC rated recessed led light .png

es recessed led down light 6inch.jpgrecessed led panel light .jpg

    led retrofit downlight.png

Shenzhen Kingliming provide ES ETL approval IC rated recessed dimmable led downlight ,4'' IC rated recessed dimmable led panel light with etl and Energy star,4'' IC rated slim 6'' recessed dimmable led panel light certificates by ES and ETL,gimbal recessed led down light cob es and etl listed ,eyeball cob led downlights 3'' 8w 4'' 12w,color changing led downlights available in 3inch ,4inch ,6inch with etl ,es approval.

Type IC Rated – Approved for Direct Contact with Insulation. If you interest,pls do not hesitate to contact sales01@kingliming.com  

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