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Advantages of Using LED Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Advantages of Using LED Recessed Lighting Fixtures

LED bulbs offer the same down light as traditional recessed fixtures but with desirable advantages. They offer bright light using fewer volts than other bulb styles, saving a great amount of energy and lowering your electric bills.

LED bulbs are cooler to the touch than other light bulb types, reducing burn risk when changing bulbs. Since LED bulbs offer lower energy consumption and longer service life (LED bulbs last a minimum of 50,000 hours vs 10,000 hours for traditional incandescent bulbs), the amount of maintenance and bulb changes required for recessed fixtures is limited. This makes LEDs a great choice for homeowners and commercial facility managers, as changing bulbs in ceiling fixtures or those high on walls requires more work and equipment. In recessed lighting retrofits, LED bulbs cost less to operate and less to replace.

LED bulbs are also dimmable – a desired feature for many who install recessed lighting! LED bulbs can be dimmed to create custom lighting looks while also lowering energy consumption. The dimmable lighting gives users the unique power to alter the mood of a room or area simply by adjusting lighting intensity and create different zones throughout the space. LED dimmable lights do not flicker, so there are no added distractions.

Trim is very important to the look and safety of your retrofit LED recessed lighting project.

  • Remodeling home trim is utilized on retrofit projects where LED recessed lights are installed within an existing ceiling (construction new home trim is used in new construction projects).

  • Insulation contact (IC) trim prevents disruption to surrounding insulation within a ceiling for safety and energy efficiency.

  • Non-IC trim is installed in applications where insulation is kept at least 3 inches away from the fixture.

  • Airtight casings lower the airflow between the space over and under the light fixture.

  • Shallow ceiling home trim is used in applications where there are 2×6-inch joists.

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