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2018 new trend of LED downlight lighting market

What's the new trend of LED downlight lighting market in 2018?

Actually product innovation is still the main theme of development. With economic development, the population of middle and high-income people is gradually expanding, and there will be an ever-expanding trend. This part of the consumer groups not only just needs products, but also to pursue a personality. However, looking at the development of the lighting market, product homogeneity flooded the market, and it is different with consumer demand.

For the more than 160 billion sales record in the 11·11 global sourcing festival this year , we can see that the business "network" is the trend of the times. Throughout the lighting market, many traditional businesses have test network marketing, hoping to catch the Internet marketing this "free ride." This also shows that lighting business "network" is the trend of the times, so lighting companies can seize this vane, and strive to 2018 years of innovation and brilliant. 

It can be said that in the intense market competition, the lighting companies should accurately capture the new market trends, make full use of it, and adjust the strategic layout, in order to survive in the market.

In view of this ,Shenzhen Kingliming 2018 new trend of led downlight lighting - dimmable &CCT adjustable led downlight and  downlight with interchangable trims led downlights for customer's more competitation request in led business.

etl led downlight 4inch 12w

etl 4inch interchangble led downlight

DIP CCT adjustable etl led downlight

Power switch cct selectable led downlight etl

2018 new interchangable trim led donwlight.png